Cookies and coffee

Here is a link to the most delicious chocolate cookies.

Yes, these are as good as they look

Yes, these are as good as they look

If you fancy a chewy and crispy cookie these are perfect. I made a batch recently in an attempt to curb my dangerous and expensive habit of popping into Belle Epoque on Newington Green for an apricot danish and latte.

Belle Epoque’s proprietor Eric imports twelve different types of French flour to make really authentic patisserie. The trick is to go in early when it opens at 9am. They make each batch of patisserie fresh in the morning so once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Prices are reasonable rather than cheap, but the second you walk in the place you do feel transported into a real French cafe. The creaky door, tall dressers and wooden floor all add to the atmosphere.

For coffee and croissant or a light lunch of quiche and salad this is the place to come, but if I’m in the area and fancy something a little more hearty I go for Acoustic Cafe (60, Newington Green) every time. They’re breakfasts are really reasonable and delicious. For instance, instead of serving a cooked breakfast with white bread they use ciabatta and you can ask for avocado on the side if you like. Eggs are always poached perfectly and they also do an eggs Romana with feta cheese and tomato.

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One thought on “Cookies and coffee

  1. laurenvanderkar on said:

    Wow, those cookies look amazing. Great to find another food blog – especially one with easy-to-follow recipes!

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